Construction, LLC
  JenDel Fabrication & Machine, Inc.
255 Coal River Rd.
​Glen Daniel, WV 25844
Our Services

Safety. Quality. Detail.
BIT Construction, LLC. and our sister company JenDel Fabrication & Machine, Inc. will provide you with quality service unlike any others in the industry.
  1. Construction Services
    We perform light excavation, concrete placement (foundation and slab work), steel erection, welding, piping, carpentry, and mechanical/millwright work.
  2. Construction Labor Services
    We supply labor to assist in clean up at your site. We also provide labor for maintenance, etc. whenever there may be a shortage in the customer's workforce.
  3. Fast, Prompt Service
    We will usually be at your site in a moment's notice. We can ALWAYS respond with assistance in a 24 hour window.
  4. JenDel Fabrication & Machine
    JenDel Fabrication & Machine, Inc., conveniently located in Glen Daniel, West Virginia, provides expert rebuilds and repairs.
  5. Rebuild/Repair Projects
    The JenDel shop is capable of rebuilding/repairing various mining equipment, conveyor belt components, natural gas compressor station repairs, etc. There is no job too small.
  6. OEM Services
    JenDel manufactures OEM parts for several equipment makers in the mining industry per their specifications. We utilize a modern machine shop to meet customer needs.
  7. Memberships
    BIT Construction, LLC. are proud members of ISNetworld and BROWZ. You know you are getting safety and quality for your project.
  8. Construction Fleet
    28 ton Boom Truck, 15 ton Boom Truck, 6,000lb Lull Forklift, Case Loader/Forklift, Tractor Trailer, F9000 Dump Truck, Sterling Rollback, John Deere Backhoe, John Deere 590 Excavator, John Deere 305 Excavator, 7) 3/4 ton Service Trucks, 10) Portable Welders, and 3) Portable Air Compressors.